Tender Clinic, the new technical berth facility from Varador 2000

Rivera Lifestyle is proud to offer a new service for maintaining boats and tenders up to 200 tons with our new partner Varador 2000 Shipyard. They’ve developed a new customized technical, logistical, and storage service for inside and out designed exclusively for these boats. A new and unprecedented wintering service called Tender Clinic is here.

What is Tender Clinic?

Tender Clinic is an innovative idea that offers in a single pack a professional and technical service for these boats and facilities that supplements usual super-yacht operations. The service meets two needs by providing technical service to the auxiliary vessels of these super-yachts (tenders) and also guaranteeing appropriate after-sales service to the shipyard that built them. Tender Clinic provides a key service for super-yacht owners and crews as tenders always need to be ready, checked and in perfect condition for use. It was set up to deliver the same service as for super-yachts but for tenders and auxiliary vessels boats by focusing on three basics: a specially prepared permanent wintering station, a professional team and the best facilities.

Varador 2000 is a Spanish nautical company with more than thirty years of experience in the sector. They have two bases, the nautical one in Mataró and the technical base in Arenys de Mar.

The nautical base includes a sports area and advanced training courses for skippers and crews with lots of facilities such as a barbecue, library, TV, games, press service and more right next to the sea. The second one will provide a customized repair and refit service for tenders with modern and cutting-edge technology infrastructure, including mechanics, painting, electricity, hydraulics, cabinetry, welding and upholstery maintenance for boats by a highly skilled and specialized professional team. They provide official technical service for Volvo, Yamaha, Yanmar, Man and Caterpillar engines among others.

Tender Clinic has been developed for owners looking for reliable equipment and facilities which can only be offered by a long-standing company in the sector such as the combination of Varador 2000 Shipyard with Rivera Lifestyle Yachting Services.

Polestar 1, a high-performance hybrid coupé, is coming

Polestar, Volvo’s performance subdivision, has announced that the Polestar 1 coupé it showed off in October would be officially ready to order next year, ahead of production starting in mid-2019 at a new plant in China.

Polestar 1 is the first new vehicle since Volvo broke out the division as more than a performance tuner for its fastest models.  The new Polestar 1 is a four-seat GT hybrid coupé powered by a Volvo Drive-E 2.0 liter turbocharged gasoline engine and a pair of electric motors that produce a total of 600 horsepower and 1000 NM of torque when they work combined. In pure-electric mode, its electric engines send around 215 horsepower to the rear wheels and provide a range of around 150 km. All of that power will be braked with Akebono six-piston brake calipers featuring 400mm discs.

In order to build the same exclusivity feel beyond what M, RS, and AMG models offer now, Polestar is limiting sales for the powerful new hybrid to its biggest markets. It’s unclear when Polestar will open up availability to more markets, but the plan is to limit Polestar 1 sales to 500 per year. Polestar has confirmed new, widely available models which will include an SUV and a sedan, both of which are fully electric.

The new Polestar 1 will be sold online via a subscription fee or in Polestar Spaces set up in some countries for customers who prefer to shop in person. The subscription will be for a fixed 2-3 year term. Volvo has done this in the past, offering a new way to acquire new models with its Care by Volvo service introduced for the new Volvo XC40. Polestar’s subscription fee will not require a deposit and will cover insurance, maintenance costs and the monthly payment. The fee will include pick-up, delivery, and servicing at selected Volvo and Polestar dealers. Polestar will offer a range of concierge services through an app.

We support these new ways to acquire a supercar; like also the fractional ownership program based on the “shared economy” concept that Rivera Lifestyle Management offer with the utmost confidentiality and discretion so you have more time for your leisure.



ic yacht

KABE YACHTS presents R780 yacht at Boot Düsseldorf 2018.








Max. Speed

ic yacht
kabe yachts

KABE YACHTS at Boot Düsseldorf 2018.

Rivera Yachting Services collaborates with Kabe Yachts in order to create unique yachts for individuals and families enjoying their lifestyle on the sea.

We have found a way to combine our corporate forces and create together our first project called R780. This 23,8m family yacht will be our first step in the world of charter soon where Rivera Yachting Services will also take care of the sales, charter and promotion of this unique design.

Kabe Yachts have built solid foundations to create all kind of extraordinary and amazing yachts.

Their team consists of engineers and designers with many years of practice in the marine industry. Endless possibilities of design encouraged by their creativity and professional way of working makes every yacht unique.

We are pleased to invite you on the KABE YACHTS stand during the BOOT Düsseldorf 2018 and are proud to present the R780 for the first time to the public.

From 20st to 28th January 2018 KABE YACHTS will be exhibiting in hall 7A, at stand D15. All interested visitors will have an opportunity to obtain information about their yachts, talk about the designs and much more!

We will be glad to host you. See you there!

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BOOT Düsseldorf 2018 openingsday !

Aluminium hull with several engine options.

23,8 meters of design, comfort and luxury.

German design & engineering with Italian interior touch.

ic yacht

ic yacht

I.C. YACHT presents BRAVE at Monaco Yacht Show 2017.










BRAVE 59ft

I.C.Yacht is proud to show you the design of Brave firstborn of Essential Luxury Range, characterized by slim hull, aggressive profile and sporty performances.

The result of an ambitious collaboration between I.C.Yacht design department, I.C.Yacht technical department and professionals from nautical world.

Brave is born from the desire to offer a Made in Italy product that meets the needs of each owner.

Brave highly customized and luxuriously equipped will be delivered next month.

We keep you updated!

Versatility and multi-functionality are the key concept points of this yacht.

18 meters of design, grint and military mood

With the same precious Made in Italy finishings in pure I.C.Yacht style