Fractional Ownership Program

Share Your Residence - We Manage


Rivera Property Management present their sole or fractional ownership management services.

In todays time consuming world we want so many things to do and are looking all the time for our ultimate holiday property.

How many times are we visiting boatshows, carshows or a real estate show for months and even years to discover the world of luxury properties that matches with us ? And then we find it, buy it and try to enjoy it every minute of our time. But do we have so much leisure time ? The crazy part is that once we have it, we realize the hassle and the costs it can have to maintain our dream. The dream sometimes becomes suddenly a nightmare and we try to sell it, rent it, etc…

Rivera Property Management wants to take care of your dream house and manages your residence in order to give you more time for business, leisure or being with your family.



There is a solution nowadays to enjoy the same dream without being the only sole owner of it and sharing the costs with others who like the holiday house as well. It exists for real estate objects, yachts, cars and even private jets. It’s called “fractional ownership” and has many advantages for the investor as for the individual or business company.

With 2 to 4 owners depending on the residence m² and budget, you can enjoy your dream house for less money and headaches sharing the use of a beautiful residence with your family, friends or business partners.

Splitting the costs and even make profit on your share makes every real estate investment much more reasonable to buy.

Confidentiality and discretion are valued highly at Rivera Property Management which means your needs and requirements will always be in safe and capable hands.