Château d’Estoublon

Slow luxury amid the vines and olive trees

An 18th-century château in Provence, offering the indulgent comforts of the finest luxury hotel coupled with the tender charm of a family home, welcomes guests into a private world of slow luxury.

Make a wish, and we’ll do all we can to make it come true at Château Estoublon.

Your purpose

Whether you dream of an intimate wedding, a fairy tale celebration, a sumptuous reception, an unforgettably unique honeymoon or a private family holiday cocooned a world away from the humdrum glitz of the everyday, all dreams can come true at Château Estoublon. A long weekend with friends or a special summit with colleagues and clients? You choose. Everything is possible within the walls of this privately-owned Provençal château that is so much more than a luxury hotel.

Joie de vivre

A magnificent family house since 1731, Château Estoublon is unique: a place where the joie de vivre of day-to-day life plays out across the château’s grand interiors (1,500m2), set amid 200 spell-binding hectares of vines, olive groves, woods and parkland.




1500 m2








Luxury Rental

“At Château Estoublon, the luxury is exquisite, exclusive and unapologetically slow, created for those who appreciate, and expect, nothing less.”

Valérie S. Reboul - Designer-propriétaire

Chateau d'Estoublon

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A beautifull story of an amazing family project, enjoy,

So much more than a luxury hotel.