Gorgeous, refined lines, ready to glide through the water: This is “Dipiù 900” the masterpiece of “Laboratorio del Mare” Shipyard.

Above all, Performance. The hull is 100% Carbon Fiber, an extremely light and very resistant material. The use of this precious Fiber makes driving the “Dipiù 900” a uniquely thrilling experience. Her lightness and agility on the water translates thrust and speed into extraordinary handling and maneuverability for a 9.57 meter hull.

These dynamic qualities do not collide with liveability: the interior hides an impressive and striking level of beauty and quality, that only the highest skilled craftsman could guarantee.

The strength of “Dipiù 900” is its uniqueness: it is born out of passion and has been built with passion down the the smallest detail. Every single object has been designed and handmade by experts just for this model.

Take note of the “high end” finishing and the incredible attention to detail. “Dipiù” is that: a wonderful craft. Dynamic, extremely dynamic.

dipiu 900

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